Book Group Week 10: Forest's recovery story


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After a week of rest, we continued with me telling my recovery story. I've told my recovery story at two conferences in New York as well as on a podcast and the recent PPDA conference, but this one was special to me because it was with a live group of people that I already know and care about because I know you through this group.

A recurrent theme of my neuroplastic pain activism in the last 12 years has been the importance of patients in the movement to make this healing more widespread. Serious chronic pain can be profoundly disempowering, and telling our own stories in our own terms is a way to take our power back. This is why the most important project on this site, to me, will be its collection or recovery stories. If and when you recover (I believe you will!), I hope you will share your recovery on this site to give hope, advice, and inspiration to others.

In the spirit of telling our own stories in our own terms, I wanted to make this talk as interactive as possible and encouraged people to write in the chat room. So you can read the chat messages, we are distributing this recording via the following Zoom link:

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please post them below!
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