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Tips to be Free of Chronic Pain
I've been cured of fibromyalgia, brain fog, chronic fatigue, IBS, trigger points and a shoulder injury for a few years now. Many people ask what I recommend or what tips I would give to help them be free from their chronic pain and other symptoms.

Here are my tips with a printable version attached:

1. Education
is the first key to cure. Understand exactly what the issue is (in a nutshell you have neural circuit issues which are also called TMS/PPD or mind-body syndrome). Read/watch information by Dr. Schubiner, Alan Gordon, Dr. Dave Clarke, PPD Association, and experts you find there.

2. Stop fearing your symptoms. Why/how? Because there is nothing actually wrong with you! It's just your brain falsely thinking you're in danger but you're not broken and you're not going to die. Look yourself in the mirror with hands on your hips and loudly declare that "there is nothing wrong with me" say this often, loud and proud. Plus remind yourself by thinking this and other safety messages during the day.

3. Stop using a diagnosis or saying "I have CRPS, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, a bad back, IBS, anxiety, depression etc" as that keeps your brain thinking there is danger. Remember there is actually nothing wrong with you. You have a brain that has created unneeded neural circuits that send unneeded symptoms to your body. That's it!

4. Create a toolbox. There is not one tool or exercise that cures fibro then another for IBS and a different one for migraines. Why? Because the cause of all these symptoms is the same. They are all neural circuit issues/tms/ppd/mbs. So, create a brain retraining toolbox.

What should you have in your toolbox? Some of these (you don't need all):

A. The Way Out for somatic tracking.

B. The Curable App

C. Unlearn Your Pain to work through past issues that might be tripping you up. (If you think that's a factor).

D. A good MBS therapist/practitioner in case your past is a major trigger. Or you're not getting anywhere on your own.

E. Journaling (also for the above reason). The Curable app has journaling ideas and so does Nicole Sachs (but in a nutshell journal about your feelings, not events. You're looking for suppressed anger, guilt, shame. Give those feelings a voice. Let those feelings write) If you can't journal then work with a therapist or practitioner.

D. A paid or a free support group like The Way Out book group, Curable groups, TMSwiki lists other support groups. Contact me for the Aussie, Asia and NZ time zone FREE monthly support group or affordable weekly coaching support groups.

I also highly recommend websites like:

* TMSwiki

* PRTrecovery

* PPD Association

* Unlearn Your Pain

* Freedom From Chronic Pain

* Curable

They all have great information, resources, and courses to help you.

Don't do it all at once. This is a lifelong journey, not a race!!

Lisa Branigan
Pain Consultant, Coach, Educator, Counselling.
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