Video The original clips of Casey on The Doctors with Alan Gordon, LCSW (full set)


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Alan Gordon opens his book, The Way Out, with the following story about the Emmy Award winning show, The Doctors


Luckily, because we live in the age of YouTube, you can watch the original clips of all of Casey and Alan's appearances on The Doctor's. I've included both the "before PRT" and "after PRT" clips from January '17 and July '17, respectively.

Jan 12, 2017, Part 1: Dianna and Dan have come to The Doctors to find help for their son Casey who suffers from a mysterious and debilitating pain. After countless tests, treatments and even surgery, they have been unable to find a cure.

Jan 12, 2017, Part 2: The Doctors send Dianna, Dan and Casey to see Alan Gordon, executive director at The Pain Psychology Center. Alan finally gives Casey a diagnosis that seems to resonate.

Jul 21, 2017, Part 1: Casey and his family return to The Doctors after working with Alan Gordon from the Pain Psychology Center.

Jul 21, 2017, Part 2: Find out the steps that Alan Gordon from the Pain Psychology Center used to help Casey overcome his pain.

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