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After a great experience in 2021, we are restarting the book group again in 2022!

As before, the book group meets every Sunday at 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT. The Zoom link is: . We are pickup up back in Chapter 1.

If you haven't watched the earlier sessions, it's never to late to catch up! Recordings average about an hour and involve many people sharing their ideas and healing process.
Date/Chapter2021 Book Group2022 Book Group
Chapter 1:
This Kid's Brain Could Change the World
Chapter 1 discussion (2021)Chapter 1 recording (2022)
Chapter 2:
Pain is a Danger Signal
Chapter 2 recording (2021)Chapter 2 recording (2022)
Chapter 3:
Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
Chapter 3 recording (2021)Chapter 3 recording (2022)
Chapter 4:
Embracing a New Perspective
Chapter 4 recording (2021)Chapter 4 recording (2022)
Chapter 5:
Somatic Tracking
Chapter 5 recording (2021)Chapter 5 recording (2022)
Chapter 6:
The Process
Chapter 6 recording (2021)Chapter 6 recording (2022)
Chapter 7:
Breaking the High Alert Habit
Chapter 7 recording (2021)
Chapter 8:
Getting Good at Feeling Good
Chapter 8 recording (2021)
Chapter 9:
Relapses, Resilience, and Recovery
Chapter 9 recording (2021)
Week 10:
Forest's recovery story
Forest's Story (2021)
Week 10:
Why is 'No' the Most Important Word for Healing Pain?
Podcast (2021)
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Hey Gina, thanks for asking. One September 19 we covered chapter 1. That recording can be found by clicking here. The September 12 meeting was just starting up and because it covered personal stories, a recording isn't be distributed.

This Sunday, September 26, we'll cover Chapter 2. The recording will be posted here later on that afternoon.


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Sorry about the error, guess I was ahead of myself. I have one question, did you recover using PRT?


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Yes, I did! I recovered before that term was coined, but the key thing is that I healed by overcoming the fear of my pain. Here's a video of my recovery story:



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I thought there was a book group today..Sunday, Dec.12. Am I wrong. I've been waiting 20 min for it to launch on zoom, but nothing is happening


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Hi Prema, thanks for reaching out! I'm afraid that there is no meeting scheduled for today.

We generally announce them in advance when there is a meeting, but it looks like we should have also announced the absence of a meeting. I will pass the message up the line.