I have had 30 years of success with Dr. Sarno and the TMS community / Plus a book rec.


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Hi all.
I am so glad to be able to write and share here. Thank you Forrest. I won't share much here except to say that I went down the rabbit hole years ago with neck pain and headaches. Mind over back pain cured what years of doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, narcotics etc. etc. could not. Years later I had serious GI issues. All kinds of scary diagnosis but no help. Reminded me of earlier days but I knew Dr. Sarno was only about muscle and joint. Lo and behold, his work had evolved and was shared in Mind Over Back Pain. Saved me again! The journey continues but now I know to refer back to resources like this and I live a mostly balanced life with much less fear, even though I still have crazy random symptoms that bounce around. I was having dizzy spells for about a year. Ignored them. Gone. Ringing in my ear. Gone. Issues with swallowing. Working on that one now. I had about a year where my inner arms killed. So weird. Gone. I never saw a doctor or did much of anything about any of this. I'm mid fifties. Strong. Feel fine. Gym every day.

In addition to the support of TMS community and Dr. Sarno's work, I get great help with therapy, exercise, community and more. I created a weekly happiness group and we study what works. Sarno comes up a lot. Another book that has had great impact for me is The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. His work has taught me to notice when I feel an unpleasant thought or emotion brewing. Relax, breath and release. Do it right in the moment so it does not stack up like a pebble blocking a stream. In this practice we can actually release old pebbles that have built up previously. When I do this work I feel energetic releases. I believe these are physical energy blocks in my body created by repressed rage. So for me this book offers a physical addition to the letting go process Dr. Sarno offers. I find it a powerful combo.

OK, look forward to talking again.

Rinkey B

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Hello Harry,
Much of what you're shared here sounds like many of my experiences. Glad I found this site. Had a relapse a couple years ago, tried several things, then went back to the basics and realised that Sarno's work has probably been advanced, so found this through the TMSWiki site. Glad I did!