New Flare Ups


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I have been getting new flare ups everyday since the last week of February. Had a history of fibro. Got dysautonomic and POTS type symptoms after gerring covid as long covid symptoms. Used the tms approach and could do a lot even after the symptoms though my esr and crp were high in my blood tests and ferritin was low. However like I said the last week of Feb I strained my eyes for about 17+ hours, no sleep as I was prepping for an exam. It didn't go well. Flare up 1 - Started with dry and strained and light sensitive eyes, next few days dry mouth and tmj happened, next day - constipation, following this - tight pelvis and thigh and back muscles. Haven't got a clue why. I know it was triggered by stress initially but the new flare ups are making me really annoyed. Will be visiting a doctor for what I think can be autoimmune markers. The tms approach doesn't seem to work and thr symptom imperative doesn't make sense as when I get new symptoms, the older ones don't go away


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Hi @Onbts, that definitely sounds like it could be neuroplastic. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia and also had completely overwhelming symptoms that just added up, one after another. It just felt like everything broke, one thing after another. I do feel like I have my life back now, though.

Flare ups are a natural part of the syndrome, especially when you are under stress. If you are straining your eyes for 17+ hours for an exam, I'm sure that there was a lot going on underneath the surface to cause the TMJ, muscle tightness, GI and other symptoms.

You mentioned that "I know it was triggered by stress initially but the new flare ups are making me really annoyed." I'm not sure our brains can completely tell the difference between annoyance and fear, so that very annoyance you feel could be part of a vicious cycle that is causing the symptoms. If so, I would think about looking for ways to break that cycle by listening to your internal tension and finding a way to replace it with more equanimity (a tall order, I know!).

On a more hopeful note, here is a dsyautonomia/likely POTS recovery story:

Also, here is a testamonial from another person with dysautonomia: (Dorado)
I mention it because Dorado has a great and inspiring recovery story to read:

I hope this helps and maybe gives you some ideas. I wonder if a structured program, like the one mentioned in my first link, might help.